Fat Cow Web Hosting – Should You Bother?

Fat Cow Web Hosting is a different kind of hosting service by FatCow. What is so different about it and why is it called “Fat Cow”?  The company’s main website gives a few hints:

Why is it called “Fat Cow”?

Here what FatCow’s official site says, “Well, why call a computer an apple?  FatCow was designed from the start to be a different alternative in Web hosting.   We took a look around and saw lots of techno babble, confusing pricing schemes and not much in the way of customer satisfaction or support.  We decided that a simpler, more customer friendly approach was needed.”

Fat Cow Web Hosting for $55/yr

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What’s so different about Fat Cow Web Hosting service?

To keep things simple they have a one plan one price philosophy.  Right out of the box, the Fat Cow Web Hosting plan has everything you need to stake out your piece of the Internet.  And, if this all-you-really-need type of hosting plan is a bit more than you’re looking for, then the MiniMoo plan might be your best option.  The MiniMoo was created as a way to get you started on the World Wide Web with just a domain name and an email address to get the word out.

Why should anyone bother with FatCow’s hosting when there are plenty of other similarly popular hosting services?

With a lot of company’s offering hosting services, like GoDaddy, Hostgator, NameCheap, BlueHost, Lunarpages, myHosting, Yahoo WebHosting, ixWebHosting, iPage, etc., it’s no wonder why people are confused about whose hosting plan to go with, especially with layers of different hosting plans they offer.  That’s where FatCow differs.  It offers a all-you-really-need type of hosting plan which is very competitively priced (in fact much cheaper to get started with compared to others when you use a special promotion, which you can get access to through this site), and it doesn’t confuse you with all the technical details, which most people (even those who are webmasters) can’t figure out what they really mean in a practical sense.

So, for cheap, easy to use, easy- on-your-pocket (now 50% off to 65% off the normal price through this link), easy customer support, and easy-on-the-environment type web hosting, try Fat Cow Web Hosting.

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FatCow vs Hostgator – Get the Facts and Then Decide!

Updated: Oct 31, 2013

FatCow vs HostGator is a tough one, simply because both have a lot of useful features to offer.  See the picture below for a quick comparison if you’re short on time. I, personally, have had both. Obviously, I pay paid more for one over the other. We are only talking about shared hosting service here. To learn more about all types of hosting services, see Wikipedia!

Fatcow vs Hostgator Comparison

Note: To get a discount at either, click here: FatCow or Hostgator!

If you’ve had it with the comparisons, let me tell you it’s okay to sign-up for either one. I like them both. They are both highly rated by Better Business Bureau and numerous bloggers and webmasters. If you want even more proof, read forums made for webmasters. FatCow is more affordable than Hostgator.

FatCow vs Hostgator – One Feature that tips the balance in favor of HostGator

As you know, I have had both, so I have had the time and patience to use them both to add many domains and create websites (mostly WordPress blogs such as this one) on both. The one thing I didn’t find easy, having already done this on HostGator before, is the fact that I had to click more buttons/links to Add a Domain and then to install WordPress to its homepage by first making a pointer that basically points the home directory to a sub-directory in your Home Directory for the hosting service. What Hostgator does better is to automatically create a sub-directory, so you don’t need to use any pointers of any kind. Less hassle, and less things that can go wrong. You may not think this is that crucial, but for me, it was. Imagine not knowing this extra step in FatCow, making a website, and when installing a new site on a new add-on domain, wiping out you old site. That’s right, that’s exactly what happened with me at first. Good thing I didn’t have anything on either sites since I was just setting up two separate sites in FatCow. Now that I have shared this quirk about FatCow, you won’t have this problem (right?), and you are free to choose any of the two services. :) Just to clarify, I only have Hostgator now since I finally decided to keep one service that’s reliable and works all of the time without much of a learning curve.

Again: To get a discount at either, click here: FatCow or Hostgator (click here to get 20% off)!

I hope you liked this quick FatCow vs Hostgator comparison, and I hope you’ll share any comments/suggestions/quirks of either services with the readers here.

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 28 ratings

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FatCow Review – Unmatched Hosting, Customer Service & Price

This FatCow review offers a quick overview of FatCow’s business & infrastructure robustness, speed and quality of customer care, and hosting features. All of this at a very affordable price.

FatCow Review – Is FatCow Here to Stay?

FatCow was started in 1998. It provides solutions for shared Web hosting for individuals and medium and small sized businesses for the record for affordable options in Web hosting. The company believes that old-fashioned and simple values and service ring true even in today’s world. This is a special company because of the way it brought up its hosting plans, the way the website is designed and the hosting features it offers. Everything is different when it comes to FatCow. One has to take into account the fact that it has been different and yet, survived for a decade, not to mention the Tech Wreck of the early 2000s. That’s remarkable!

FatCow Review – Its Main Benefits

FatCow Offers Robust Infrastructure

One will not come across complaints on the hosting services of FatCow. On the contrary, people prefer its hosting reliability. FatCow web hosting ensures fast Internet upload/download to its servers because it provides multi-Gigabit connections. This is why it is reliable and provides maximum transfer of data. FatCow hosting maintains backups for servers daily in order to ensure restoration of data in case it gets lost. This feature is not provided in common budget hosting services. FatCow also provides a system of backup generators so that there is very little chance of losing access to any data. The company maintains a 24 hour monitoring system to make sure that its infrastructure and servers are able to offer peak performance. The contents of the servers can be accessed reliably at any time of the day or night.

Its Courteous Customer Service Offers Help Within Minutes

They provide amazing service after sales through online chat, e-mail or telephone that is toll free, 24 hours a day. The department of customer support follows the HeiferCratic Oath wherein FatCow pledges that phone calls will be answered within a couple of minutes. Issues will be resolved on first contact or within a given deadline. Courtesy of the highest standards will be maintained.

FatCow Review – Unmatched Web Hosting at an Affordable Price

FatCow has been in the business for more than a decade and yet, it has remained strong in the hosting market. It provides:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited add-on domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited POP Mailboxes
  • Free Website Builder
  • Free Script Barn to install WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, etc
  • Free ShopSite online store with ability to accept credit cards and PayPal
  • SSL Secure Server
  • Unlimited FTP users & sub-users
  • $125 in credits for advertising in Google, Bing/Yahoo & Facebook
  • Free YellowPages.com listing
  • Step-by-step Tutorials
  • 24×7 Support by Phone, Email & Live Chat
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Other hosting companies provide these services but not at the low price that FatCow provides. It cannot be beaten even by other popular hosting services like HostGator, JustHost and others. The Original FatCow Plan is currently being offered at a special price of $4.67 per month. Try it to experience how feature-rich, user-friendly and affordable this hosting service is. Was this FatCow Review useful?

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Fat Cow and Its Success Stories

Fat Cow

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A Leading Web Hosting Provider with Go Green policies, Fat Cow has been successfully able to reach a huge number of customers, and provide solutions to outspread their business on the Internet. Their environmental-friendly policies now have been adapted by a number of business giants and July 25th was the declaration day that “Fat Cow’s Data Centers and Offices have been powered by Wind Energy!” Thanks to the REC’s (Renewable Energy certificates) who have labeled it “Green Hosting” Company.

Sept 23rd, 2003 news crashed online that “Greatest Legend Johnny Cash Passed Away”. His Fans switched online to learn about his death circumstances, pass their condolences to his family & friends and pay homage to the Great Legend. Fat Cow’s Web hosting “http://www.johnnycash.com/”served a resource for the mourning hearts. The Google search “Johnny Cash” generated over 1 million requests an hour which was also followed by new registrations for the bulletin board & utilized some online publications.

Fat Cow utilizes 4,412,000 kilowatts or more power/year which is purely generated by wind energy which is nearly an output of 1.5 MW (Wind Turbine) for a year. The Energy Community applauds us for taking this Go Green initiative to save the Green House & an environmental friendly approach. Thanks to the support from our Staff and customers to let us make this major decision, we have been encouraging our clientele to now host their own green sites.

Jan 5th 2009 SubmitNet,Inc., a leading Search engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing ( SEM) firm announced their partnership with web hosting providers, Fat Cow was one of them. They launched a free, integrated online marketing management solution, which would facilitate the customers, and manage multiple SEO tools directly from one interface.

A leading provider of customer feedback; RatePoint, Inc., who also leads in online reputation management services, announced more than 50 resellers to have joined their partner program- Fat Cow being one of those.

FatCow has been growing 70 to 80% a year and the numbers are multiplying every year. This can’t happen without the trust their customers have shown in them and the readiness of its staff to be ever-ready to serve at all times.  Get Fat Cow now at a VERY Special Price!

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Who is Fat Cow?

Wondering who Fat Cow is?

FatCow is a company located at 70 Blanchard Road, Burlington, MA 01803.  Its parent company is The Endurance International Group, Inc.

It’s a company that has a BBB rating of A+.  Here are some of it’s details from the Better Business Bureau (BBB):

Business Address: 70 Blanchard Road – 3rd Floor
Burlington, MA 01803
Original Business Start Date: 1/1/1997
Type of Entity: Corporation
Incorporated: 1997 in DE
Gary R. Engel, Vice President
Customer Service Contact:
Gary R. Engel, Vice President
Number of Employees: 50
Phone Number:
(888) 511-4678
(866) 327-9244
(866) 811-2548
(877) 245-6228
(877) 877-9669
(888) 306-3780
(888) 808-7779
Fax Number:
(781) 272-2915
BBB Accreditation: This business is a BBB Accredited Business
Date Accredited by BBB: 7/13/1999
Type of Business:

Does that give you some comfort in judging whether they can take care of you and your web hosting needs?  I sure hope so. :-)

If you would like to learn more about FatCow, click the picture below or see this post about why bother getting Fat Cow Web Hosting.

Fat Cow - Who is it?

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